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How to use Dylon fabric dye


by Panduro

How to use Dylon fabric dye

How to use Dylon fabric dye

How to instructions

  • 1

    Prewash the fabric you will be dyeing

  • 2

    Place the damp fabric in the washing machine

  • 3

    Fill the machine no more than halfway full

  • 4

    Set the machine to the longest cycle at 40°C

  • 5

    Remove and let dry

Dylon fabric dye makes it easy to dye your textiles. Why not give your towels and sheets a fresh new colour? With Dylon's broad selection of colours, you can create gorgeous colour combinations that suit your style. Dylon fabric dye is available for both machine dyeing and hand dyeing. To dye in the washing machine: The fabric you are dyeing should be washed and damp when you put it in the washing machine for the dyeing process. Be sure to only fill the washing machine halfway, otherwise your textiles may end up streaked. Run the longest cycle at 40°C. If you use too much water and if it is too hot, it may produce unwanted results. Remove the textiles and let dry. Enjoy your rejuvenated textiles!

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