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How to use stencils


by Panduro

How to use stencils

How to use stencils

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Why not paint a bunch of stools in matching colours? And with stencils, it's easy to add stylish designs and patterns to your furniture. Here, we used Furniture Paint as a base. Apply several thin layers of paint. Paint the legs of the stool in a shade of grey. For the stencil pattern, we also used Furniture Paint in the same shade of grey as the legs. Secure the stencil to the stool with masking tape along the outer edges. The secret to stencil painting is to use very little paint. Use a foam rubber roller or a stipple sponge, dip it in paint and dab/roll off most of the paint before you begin filling in the design. It does not matter if the paint is not completely opaque. Let the paint dry (or dry quickly with a hairdryer). Move the stencil and repeat, if you like.

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