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Ice cream party


by Panduro

Ice cream party

Ice cream party

How to instructions

Invite your friends to the funnest party of the year with ice cream garlands, party hats and gigantic balloon ice creams with edible eyes! ICE CREAM CARDS: Make tasty invitations with pre-folded white cards as the base. Cut the card into the shape of an ice cream with a bite taken out of one corner. Then decorate with paper in your favourite colours, wiggly eyes and letter stickers. Glue a lolly stick to the inside, and then the invitation text on top of the stick and a colourful piece of paper. Make matching name signs, bags of sweets and garlands with colourful patterned paper and craft rubber letter stickers. BALLOON ICE CREAMS: The huge balloon ice creams are fun party decorations. Fill the balloon with helium or blow it up as usual and tape fishing line to the top. Make cones from natural-coloured paper and leave a small hole at the tip. Run a piece of satin ribbon through the cone and tie it to the balloon. Tie a knot just under the little hole in the cone too, to keep it in place.