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Keep track with a bullet journal


by Panduro

Keep track with a bullet journal

Keep track with a bullet journal

How to instructions

  • 1

    On a piece of paper, sketch out what you want to make in your bullet journal

  • 2

    Once youre satisfied, start drawing it with pencil in your book

  • 3

    Fill in and colour the areas you want to emphasise the most

  • 4

    Number the pages and enter them into the index at the back of the book

A bullet journal will not only help you plan parties and keep track of your feelings. It can also be a place for everything you want to remember. For example, the countries you've been to or your friends' and family members' birthdays. Start by sketching your idea on a piece of paper, and don't forget to attach the pages in the book once it's time to begin. One tip is to make a sketch on paper beforehand if you don't want to tear and erase too much in your bullet journal.

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