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Knit a bag & scarf


by Panduro

Knit a bag & scarf

Knit a bag & scarf

How to instructions

Make something cool with your leftover yarn: simply start knitting and change the colour and stitch as you go. Bag (45x35 cm): Cast 44 stitches onto 7 mm needles with a double strand of Molly yarn. Knit a large piece, approx. 45x70 cm (mix different yarn), fold in half and sew the sides together. Leave about 10 cm open at the sides (from the top edge) so that you can open the bag. Reinforce the top edge by knitting in a needle, 12 mm, on either side (a fun detail). We spray-painted our needles red first and let them dry. To make handles, we split a piece of leather strap in half and attached the pieces to the bag with rivets. Reinforce the bag from the inside with a small fabric piece or hobby felt to keep the rivets nice and secure. Sew the liner: measure the bag and cut out a piece of fabric folded in half (right side facing right side) and use a sewing machine to sew the pieces together. Iron the edges, then sew up the top edge by hand from the inside of the bag. The scarf pictured was knitted with a double strand of Molly yarn on 12 mm needles. Cast on 40 st for an end result that is about 50 cm wide. Knit to your desired length.

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