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Knit a comfy scarf


by Panduro

Knit a comfy scarf

Knit a comfy scarf

How to instructions

Doesn't everyone need a super soft and wonderful scarf? Molly comes in tons of different colours, so you are sure to find a shade that suits you. METHOD: Cast 30 stitches onto 7 mm needles. Work a garter stitch (only knit stitches) until the scarf reaches your desired length, and then cast off. Ours is 180 cm long (about 8 balls, 50 g). When the scarf is done, attach a big pompom to either end. Stitch up and down along the short side of the scarf, then pull on the thread to gather the piece together. Tie securely and attach your pompom. Do the same on the other side. The pompoms are easy to make with our yarn ball tool.

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