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Knitted flower pot cosy


by Panduro

Knitted flower pot cosy

Knitted flower pot cosy

How to instructions

Covering pots with a knitted liner gives the window sill a relaxed and cosy look. Adjust the size of your knitting to your pot. Cast on the number of stitches required (on 8 mm needles) to reach around the pot. Determine the right length by knitting a test piece first. We made one cosy in a garter stitch (only knit stitches), one with a stockinette stitch (alternate knit rounds and purl rounds), and one with cable knitting (see instructions in the PDF below). Cast off when the piece covers the entire pot (same height). Sew up the sides by hand to create a tube to slip over the pot. These instructions are best for cylindrical pots with straight edges (not cone-shaped).

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