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Letter holder


by Panduro

Letter holder

Letter holder

How to instructions

To make this beautiful felt and leather letter holder: Begin by laying out two strips of leather to determine how long the holder should be. Measure and then decide how many compartments you want. Remember to leave room to attach the pockets to the leather strips. Once you have decided how many pockets you want, three in this case, then cut out a back piece in felt and pair with a front piece in leather. Cut/carve the leather at an angle. Glue the pieces together with super glue. Use punch pliers to make holes in the four corners of all pockets. Arrange the pockets on the leather strips. Once you have decided on the distance between each one, mark the pocket holes with a pin or a pen. Make holes in the leather strips where you made the marks with punch pliers. Assemble with rivets/eyelets. Fold down the leather at the top edge and mark where you want the eyelet to be. Make a hole with punch pliers and place a rivet or eyelet there. Thread a dowel through the eyelets, make a holder and hang on the wall.

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