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Life drawing


by Panduro

Life drawing

Life drawing

How to instructions

  • 1

    Practice your ability to reproduce form, movement and proportions with life drawing.

  • 2

    Use graphite or charcoal pencils.

  • 3

    Do a quick sketch of a live model.

  • 4

    Note how the light falls and where the shadows are.

Life drawing involves quick sketches of a live model, in which you draw the shapes of the body in different positions. Study the human body, let your creativity flow and try to depict what you see. Try to capture the expression of the body and the model's movements. Use graphite pencils in varying hardnesses to achieve different shades of black in the sketch. Graphite pencils are measured on a hardness scale from hard H to soft B. The higher the number preceding the letter, the harder or softer the pencil is. A hard pencil produces soft lines and a soft pencil produces dark lines. For example, a 5H pencil is harder than 4H and 6B is softer than 5B. Use a kneadable eraser or an ordinary eraser to make corrections.

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