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Lovely cushions with fabric paint


by Panduro

Lovely cushions with fabric paint

Lovely cushions with fabric paint

How to instructions

Design your own cushions by decorating them with stencils; it's fun and easy! If you want to make it extra easy for yourself, you can buy our pure white cushion covers and decorate them. METHOD: Place a protective layer inside the cushion cover so the paint does not go through to the back. Tape the stencil where you want the design to be. Protect the area around the design with Post-it notes or masking tape. Pour some fabric paint onto a flat palette or a paper plate. Roll a foam rubber roller in the paint, roll the excess paint off onto a piece of paper, and then roll over the design. It is fine if it's a little patchy; it will look great. Remove the stencil. Quickly dry a little with a hairdryer to prevent the paint from smudging. Place the stencil in the next location and repeat the steps. TIP! Try rolling with several colours at once. Pour two colours next to each other and roll the foam rubber roller in both of them. When you are pleased with the design, fix the paint according to the instructions on the paint package.

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