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Macramé bracelet


by Panduro

Macramé bracelet

Macramé bracelet

How to instructions

Cut a piece of thread to about 40 cm, then thread on seven acrylic beads, one rhinestone bead, and seven more acrylic beads. Tie the ends to a macramé tool. Cut an approx. 150 cm long piece of thread and begin by tying about six macramé knots. Push the first bead up and tie two more knots. Continue this way until you've tied all the beads, then finish with six knots. Clip the thread ends and burn them carefully with a lighter to melt them a little and prevent the knot from coming undone. To make the clasp, arrange the ends so that they overlap, then tie about 20 macramé knots. Thread a bead onto each end, tie a knot, then burn carefully.

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