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Make a calendar for the year in your BuJo


by Panduro

Make a calendar for the year in your BuJo

Make a calendar for the year in your BuJo

How to instructions

  • 1

    Begin by sketching the page out in pencil.

  • 2

    Draw boxes for each month.

  • 3

    Fill in the dates in the boxes. Use a calendar to make sure you correctly match the dates and days of the week.

  • 4

    Go over your pencil lines in thin black pen.

  • 5

    Cut pieces of paper tape and stick them above each month box. Write the name of the month on the tape in permanent marker. Dont use the permanent marker directly on the paper, because it will bleed through.

  • 6

    Colour in the weekend boxes and decorate your calendar with coloured pencils.

  • 7

    Finally, write the year or a nice quotation along the top as a heading.

Plan and organise your life with a bullet journal ("bujo"). Bullet journaling is a concept that lets you combine a calendar, diary, dreams and plans - all in one notebook. The subtle dot grid on the pages in a dotted journal helps when writing, drawing and sketching. Draw and write in pencil first, and then go over the lines in pen once you're satisfied. A calendar at the beginning of your journal, like the one we've made here, is always useful - it will give you a quick overview of the new year.

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