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Make a cardboard doll theatre


by Panduro

Make a cardboard doll theatre

Make a cardboard doll theatre

How to instructions

  • 1

    You can use the Panduro box (box 5) in which you received your craft order, or any box you have at home.

  • 2

    Paint the inside of the cardboard box with Ready Mix Tempera or with matt spray paint.

  • 3

    Carve out an opening for the theatre stage from the box lid. Paint and glue the tabs together so that the construction is stable.

  • 4

    Sew a curtain out of cotton fabric and thread it onto a flower stick. Then glue the stick to the inside of the opening using a hot glue gun. Keep in mind that the hot glue gun tip and the glue get very hot.

  • 5

    Carve scores at the side of the opening and thread through a pretty ribbon for tying back the curtain.

  • 6

    Carve or cut out set pieces, like clouds, out of scrap cardboard. Then glue them to the inside of the roof and sides of the box. You can also cut out a theatre sign and use flower sticks to attach it to the roof of the theatre.

  • 7

    Cut out a moon or a sun in light yellow hobby card. Then glue it to the back wall of the theatre.

  • 8

    Cut dolls out of scrap cardboard. Cut out a head, arms and body separately and paint them before gluing them together. This way, if something goes wrong, you can just remake that part.

  • 9

    Attach sturdy metal wire to the dolls. Cut out tracks in the theatre roof, insert the wire, and attach a wooden ball to the end to keep it in place. Now you can make the doll move back and forth on the stage by spinning and pushing the wire.

  • 10

    Finally, insert a small battery-run LED string of lights through the back wall of the theatre to illuminate the stage. Remember to use a light source that does not produce heat and do not leave the theatre illuminated unsupervised.

Transform an old box into a magical fairytale theatre! We used Panduro box 5 to make our doll theatre, but of course you could use another cardboard box that you have at home. Building and inventing characters is really fun, and it’s just as much fun to put on shows for friends and family. Plus, the theatre will be a lovely addition to the children’s room!

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