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Make a charming garden lantern


by Panduro

Make a charming garden lantern

Make a charming garden lantern

How to instructions

  • 1

    Make a lantern out of reused old sheets or other cotton fabric.

  • 2

    Paint the fabric with fabric paint. First, protect your work surface with plastic and moisten the fabric.

  • 3

    Brush the fabric paint here and there onto the fabric; feel free to combine two different colours and leave some white space in between. Spray with water, scrunch up the fabric and then rinse out some of the paint in a tub. Now place the fabric on a dry plastic surface to dry. (Remember that you will need to fix the paint if you want to be able to wash the fabric. This is done in an oven set to 150°C for 5 minutes.)

  • 4

    Tie one small circular weaving loom and one large one together, leaving some space between the two, to make a frame for the lantern. Use nylon thread so that the lantern appears to be floating.

  • 5

    Tear long strips of fabric and glue them to the top weaving loom, folding the strips around the inside of the edge. Glue the strips in place, making sure to overlap them.

  • 6

    Tie the strips together under the lower loom and voila, your lantern is complete! Now simply hang it up in the garden, on the balcony or out on the patio.

Make a lovely lantern for decoration at your garden party! Best of all: you will have a use for old, worn-out sheets or other fabric. The thin, fluid paint produces a beautiful watercolour-like look and works best on cotton fabric. Spray with water and rinse the fabric a bit to create soft, subdued pastel shades. If you want a light source in your lantern as the evening begins to darken, use a battery-operated LED bulb for outdoor use.

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