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Make a classic photo album


by Panduro

Make a classic photo album

Make a classic photo album

How to instructions

  • 1

    Print the pictures you want to include in your photo album, for example using Kodaks printer.

  • 2

    Affix the photos into a spiral-bound photo album using double-sided tape or attractive photo corners.

  • 3

    Print out text with Dymo tape and nice pens.

  • 4

    Decorate the photo album with paper tape and beautiful stickers.

Sure, digital pictures are great, but there's something very special about making a classic photo album by hand. And your photo album will offer a collection of memories that you can relive over and over. We used a spiral-bound photo album because it opens all the way, which is helpful when affixing pictures, writing and decorating. With a Kodak Photo Printer, you can quickly and easily print pictures directly from your mobile phone using an app. Dymo labels are perfect for a photo album and create a fantastic retro feel. We attached the photos usingdouble-sided tape and we wrote with water-based gel pens that produce bright, bold colours that won't fade. This way, you can return to your album and browse through it year after year.

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