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Make a clay necklace


by Panduro

Make a clay necklace

Make a clay necklace

How to instructions

  • 1

    Press out a base of air-drying clay and shape it into a heart.

  • 2

    Place a nice photo on the heart.

  • 3

    Roll a long log and place it around the photo as a frame.

  • 4

    Make a small hole in the top and let dry.

  • 5

    Thread a piece of string through the hole. Add some beads and tie the ends together. Your necklace is complete!

The best gifts are the ones you make yourself with love! This is the perfect craft for kids who want to give a gift to a loved one. Grandma, grandpa or maybe mum or dad will be delighted to receive a handmade necklace with an adorable portrait. Pearl Dough clay is soft and easy to shape and can be used by children from age 3.

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