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Make a congratulations card with 3D-effects


by Panduro

Make a congratulations card with 3D-effects

Make a congratulations card with 3D-effects

How to instructions

Matched and easy with Matching Color. In this series, you can easily find paper and loads of decor in the same colour palettes that fit together. We made the congratulations card with a hot air balloon in the light blue series. METHOD: cut out a square (14x14 cm), attach it to the card with adhesive pads. Fold a piece of A4 paper and cut out the shape of half a balloon (approx. H.10 cm); when you unfold the paper, you'll have a symmetrical balloon that you can use as a template. Choose three papers; trace the template onto them and cut out. Fold two of the balloons in half and glue to the third to create a 3D effect. Cut out a small "basket" that can hang under the balloon. Cut out the cloud free-hand and use letter stickers to write your text. Attach the decor material with double-sided tape and adhesive pads.

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