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Make a crab out of a seashell


by Panduro

Make a crab out of a seashell

Make a crab out of a seashell

How to instructions

  • 1

    Paint the shell with Hobbylack.

  • 2

    Cut legs out of pipe cleaners and glue them on under the shell.

  • 3

    Glue eyes to the seashell.

Have you come home with fabulous treasures from your day at the beach? You can make really beautiful and easy crafts with items you've found in nature. For example, make an adorable crab with a seashell, a few pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes. And a hot glue gun, of course. For best results, we recommend using a mini glue gun with a low temperature. Note! It may be good to ask an adult for help when gluing. We painted the seashell with Hobbylack, a glossy craft paint that is easy to use, with excellent opacity and a fast drying time. Hobbylack paints include both matt and glossy shades. For the crab in the picture, we used colours from Hobbylack Gloss Spring. To make the crab lighter, we blended in a little white paint. Blend in a paper cup, pouring in a little white at a time until you achieve the right shade. To make the claws, cut pipe cleaners into 2 cm pieces and attach them to the ends of the legs. Fold the pipe cleaners and voila - you have fantastic claws. What cool summer treasures!

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