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Make a dip-dye hanging plant holder


by Panduro

Make a dip-dye hanging plant holder

Make a dip-dye hanging plant holder

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut 8 x 130 cm long pieces of string. Gather all the strings and fold them down about 8 cm, to form loops.

  • 2

    Cut a 30 cm long piece of string. Place one end about 2 cm further down than the other 8 loop ends and make a loop with the piece of string. Now wrap the string firmly around all of the loop ends and upwards about 4 cm. Thread the end of the string that you used to wrap the bundle into the loop of the string, and then pull on the other end of the loop to secure the string. Cut off the end when the string has been pulled in under the wrapped strings.

  • 3

    Tie the strings together in pairs about 25 cm down with a regular knot. Divide the strings and tie them together in pairs with the string from the next knot over, about 12 cm down. Gather all strings and tie a large knot, which will be the base of the hanging plant holder, about 10 cm down. Check to see that your flower pot has room and fits nicely inside the knots. Adjust the distance between the knots if needed.

  • 4

    Cut 128 x 120 cm long strings. Tie on all strings with a lark’s head knot between the knots you made earlier. You will have 16 lark’s head knots between each knot. To make a lark’s head knot: Fold the string in half and place it under the stretched-out string. Pull the ends through the loop and tighten to a knot.

  • 5

    Completely soak the hanging plant holder.

  • 6

    Prepare a dye mix containing water and some dye powder.

  • 7

    Dip the entire plant holder in the dye mix, creating a light shade of the colour.

  • 8

    Mix in more dye powder to make the colour darker, and hang up the plant holder so that only the ends are dipped in the dye. Because the strings are wet, the dye will travel further and further up the longer the strings are dipped in the dye. Let the hanging plant holder hang there until you are satisfied with the colour. Then rinse thoroughly in water until the water runs clear. Let dry completely and then place a flower pot in the hanging plant holder.

Macramé and tie-dyeing, or dip-dyeing to be precise – what could be better? Your plants only deserve the best, and with this hanging plant holder, their green leaves will truly come into their own. We used simple macramé here to create the plant holder’s beautiful fringe. The dip-dyeing technique involves dipping the strings in fabric dye, which gradually absorbs the dye, resulting in a beautiful ombre effect.

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