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by Panduro

Make a felted bat

Make a felted bat

How to instructions

  • 1

    Start by needle-felting the body. Place wool around a polystyrene egg and felt it in place by inserting the felting needle up and down through the wool and down into the egg. This will felt the wool in place on the egg and create an even finish.

  • 2

    Felt two small pieces of wool together to make ears on a felting mat. Glue the ears to the head and needle-felt the edges a little bit to make sure they’re securely in place.

  • 3

    Needle-felt a piece of wool in place for the nose area. Make a mouth using the felting needle as well.

  • 4

    Glue on eyes and a black nose.

  • 5

    Cut out little white felt teeth and glue them above the mouth, under the nose.

  • 6

    Cut out black felt wings. Glue a piece of steel wire to the back of each wing with the end sticking out a bit on one side. Apply a dab of glue to the end and insert it into the bat body to attach the wing.

  • 7

    Make two little feet and legs out of a black natural pipe cleaner. Make two little holes at the bottom of the bat’s body and insert the pipe cleaners with a dab of glue, so that they are securely in place.

  • 8

    Hang up the bat from a branch by rounding the feet a little bit and using a piece of transparent thread.

Craft your own cute-but-creepy Halloween decorations! With some wool and a felting needle, you can make this hair-raising bat. Needle felting is easy to do and it’s so much fun! Start with a polystyrene egg as a base and poke the felting needle into it repeatedly, to shape and felt the wool around it. The more you stick in the needle, the firmer and more even the wool will be. Finish with felt bat wings and razor-sharp little teeth. Then your little bat is ready to fly off into the dark Halloween night!

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