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Make a festive Christmas penguin card


by Panduro

Make a festive Christmas penguin card

Make a festive Christmas penguin card

How to instructions

  • 1

    Fold a sheet of paper in half, to make a folded card.

  • 2

    Cut two horizontal notches into the front of the card. Slip the top of a white balloon through the upper notch from the back; this will form the top of an elf hat.

  • 3

    Cut out a red elf hat and glue it to the card.

  • 4

    Cut out a round penguin body from black paper and glue it on.

  • 5

    Thread the bottom of the balloon through the lower notch, so that it hangs over the penguins body to make a white belly.

  • 6

    Glue on eyes, wings, and feet, as well as circles cut out of colourful paper.

Wish your loved ones a happy Christmas with a playful card! Making your own Christmas cards is always a joy, and in this example, we've made an adorable penguin in an elf hat. The kids can help with this easy Christmas craft. All you need is paper, glue, a balloon and wiggly eyes. Finish by writing a nice Christmas greeting inside the card!

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