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by Panduro

Make a macramé bracelet with shells

Make a macramé bracelet with shells

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut an 80 cm long piece of thread.

  • 2

    Secure the end of the thread in a clip or something similar, with an approx. 25 cm long tail. String on beads, but not the real shells, which you will tie on later.

  • 3

    Cut an approx. 150 cm long piece of thread, fold it in half and tie it to the centre thread.

  • 4

    Tie 4-5 macramé square knots. Now string on a bead. Tie more square knots after the bead. If you are using a real shell bead, line the centre thread up with the score on top of the bead and tie square knots at the other end. Continue, alternating square knots and beads until the length is 4-5 cm short of fitting around your wrist.

  • 5

    Remove the bracelet and overlap the centre threads. Cut an approx. 50 cm long piece of thread and tie square knots over the overlapping centre threads until the bracelet is long enough.

  • 6

    Now you can pull on the centre threads to open and close the bracelet, so the ends should be 3-4 cm long. Trim the ends of the section tied over the centre threads.

Create spectacular summertime jewellery with macramé and shells! These beautiful bracelets are perfect for the beach, a pool party, or a barbecue party on a mild summer evening. You can either tie the shell bracelet with waxed linen thread, which you will secure with a little glue, or with nylon thread, the ends of which are carefully burned with a lighter. If you like, you can also tie little shells to the ends of the centre thread. Watch our instructional video to see how to tie macramé knots.

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