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Make a macramé hanging plant holder


by Panduro

Make a macramé hanging plant holder

Make a macramé hanging plant holder

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut 3 x 3 m pieces of string, and 3 x 3.5 m pieces of string.

  • 2

    Hold the 3-metre-long pieces together and fold them in half. Make a loop with the 3 pieces of string, so that you have 6 equal pieces of string. Use a piece of string or a clip to attach the loop to a table or something similar.

  • 3

    Tie a macramé hook around your waist with a piece of string, so that it is in front of your stomach with the hook facing up. Attach 2 pieces of string to the hook so that they are taut between the loop knot and the hook.

  • 4

    Tie the centre of a 3.5 m piece of string around the 2 strings (which are held taut in the hook) just under the loop knot. Knot 20 cm of half knots (image 2).

  • 5

    Thread a 25 mm wooden bead onto the 2 taut strings in the middle of the tied strap. Continue by tying 10 cm of square knots (images 3 and 4) under the bead. Leave a 4 cm space without knots and then tie a final square knot. Make two more identical straps.

  • 6

    Hold a pot centred beneath your three straps and measure the centre of the pot on the straps. Tie a square knot here with 2 strings from two different straps. Continue until all straps have been tied together with a square knot and enclose the pot. Then tie a square knot under the bottom of the pot with the 4 strings that were together in the strap from the start. Finish by tying one large knot with all of the strings just under the last square knot.

  • 7

    Thread a 10 mm wooden bead onto each piece of string, tie a knot and trim the ends.

Do you want to hang up your plants with a beautiful plant holder? Then you have to try making one yourself with macramé! For this hanging plant holder, we used two different knots that are easy to learn with a little practice and patience. With macramé, you can make beautiful, unique interior design details and fun DIY projects.

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