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Make a macramé hanging plant holder


by Panduro

Make a macramé hanging plant holder

Make a macramé hanging plant holder

How to instructions

  • 1

    Paint the beads with beautiful Hobbylack craft paint colours. Use 3 x 30 mm wooden beads, 3 x 25 mm beads, 3 x 20 mm beads and 10 x 10 mm beads.

  • 2

    Cut 3 x 3 m pieces of string, and 3 x 4 m pieces of string.

  • 3

    Hold the 3-metre lengths together and fold them in half. Make a loop with the 3 pieces of string, so that you have 6 equal pieces of string. Use a piece of string or a clip to attach the loop to a table or something similar.

  • 4

    Tie a macramé hook around your waist with a piece of string, so that it is in front of your stomach with the hook facing up. Attach 2 pieces of string to the hook so that they are taut between the loop knot and the hook.

  • 5

    Tie the centre of a 4 m piece of string around the 2 strings (which are held taut in the hook) just under the loop knot. Tie 19 cm of half knots (image 3).

  • 6

    Thread a 20 mm wooden bead onto the 2 taut strings in the middle of the tied strap. Then tie 1 half knot under the bead. String on a 25 mm wooden bead and then tie 5 cm of half knots.

  • 7

    String on a 30 mm wooden bead and tie 1 square knot (image 4 och 5) underneath it. Leave a 4 cm space without knots and then tie one more square knot. Make two more identical straps.

  • 8

    Hold a pot centred beneath your three straps – the top edge of the pot should be level with the last knots – and measure where the centre of the pot will be on the straps. Tie a square knot here with 2 strings from two different straps (on our plant holder, this was 65 mm down the strap). Continue until all straps have been tied together with a square knot and enclose the pot. Then tie a square knot with the 4 strings that were together in the strap from the start, at the same distance as last time (in our case, 65 mm). When the whole pot is surrounded, finish by tying one large knot with all of the strings under the centre of the pot.

  • 9

    Thread a 10 mm wooden bead onto each piece of string, tie a knot and trim the ends. If it’s difficult to get the string to pass through the smaller beads, apply some tape around the end to make it pointy, like a needle, and easier to slip through the hole.

Feature your plants the best way! How? With a beautiful macramé hanging plant holder, of course. For this hanging plant holder, we used two different knots that are easy to learn with a little practice and patience. We’ve also complemented the knots with beautiful wooden beads in various sizes. When painting the beads, try placing them on the end of a paintbrush handle, so that you can hold the handle while you paint.

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