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Make a paper nutcracker


by Panduro

Make a paper nutcracker

Make a paper nutcracker

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut out pieces of toilet paper roll or paper towel roll for the nutcrackers body, head, and hat.

  • 2

    Cut one roll in half lengthwise, and roll the pieces together to make two arms. Glue the narrow arm rolls together with a hot glue gun. Repeat with another roll for the legs.

  • 3

    Start assembling the nutcracker by gluing the legs, body and arms together. Paint these pieces with Hobbylack.

  • 4

    Cut out two epaulettes, the shoulder pieces with fringe, from gold paper. Trace a circle from the arm roll and cut out a half-circle around the traced circle. Then cut fringe from the edge up to the circle. Glue the epaulettes on top of the arm rolls and fold the fringe down.

  • 5

    Glue the head to the top of the body and paint the face. Blend Hobbylack in the shade linen with a tiny bit of red for the face paint.

  • 6

    Make the brim of the hat. Trace the hat roll on a piece of cardboard and then draw a half-circle outside of it to make a brim, like a cap. Paint the whole hat black. Cut out a strip of gold paper with zigzagging edges and attach it around the top of the hat. Cut out a white strip and attach it around the bottom of the hat.

  • 7

    Attach a strip of black paper around the waist as a belt. Use gold paper to make a buckle and attach a piece of black paper on top.

  • 8

    Attach narrow strips of gold paper around the cuffs, around the tops of the boots, and to the front of the uniform jacket.

  • 9

    Punch out black cufflinks with a hole punch and attach in rows of two to the jacket and sleeves.

  • 10

    Cut out hair and a beard from white paper and cut fringe into it. Run the pieces of paper over a table edge, using a bone folder or ruler, to help curve the fringe. Glue the beard and hair to the head in two rows.

  • 11

    Last, make a small plate out of black cardboard on which the nutcracker can stand stably with a dab of glue.

Paper crafts are the perfect Christmas activity, and what could be more fitting than making your own, proud nutcracker Christmas decoration! With a little time and imagination, you can reuse and transform ordinary toilet paper rolls into one of the most whimsical characters of the season. The nutcracker is just waiting to bring the magic of Christmas to your home.

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