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Make a picture with stencils


by Panduro

Make a picture with stencils

Make a picture with stencils

How to instructions

METHOD: Attach the stencil to the primed canvas with masking tape. Also cover the letters/designs near the area to be painted with masking tape to avoid accidentally getting paint on them. Pour some paint onto a palette or paper plate and roll a foam rubber roller in the paint. Roll off most of the paint on paper towels, so that the roller is almost dry. If you have too much paint on the roller, it can get beneath the stencil. Make sure the stencil is pressed firmly to the canvas and roll. Remove the stencil; quickly dry the letter/design with a hair dryer; wipe off the stencil and repeat the procedure to make the next letter/design. TIP! To measure where the letters/designs will be placed, first trace them on a piece of paper, cut them out and arrange them on the canvas.

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