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Make a sailboat out of rubbish


by Panduro

Make a sailboat out of rubbish

Make a sailboat out of rubbish

How to instructions

  • 1

    Rinse an empty plastic bottle and let dry. Tighten the lid well to prevent any water from getting inside the boat!

  • 2

    Hull: Draw guide lines to cut along and make an opening in the top of the bottle. Leave a piece in place across the middle of the cockpit, where you will attach the mast. (Alternatively, you can glue a piece to the bottom of the boat.)

  • 3

    Mast: Cut a dowel to an appropriate height relative to the size of the boat. Remember: if your mast is too tall or if your sail is too big, your boat might capsize. Cut an X into the piece crossing the cockpit, poke in the mast and glue it to the bottom of the boat.

  • 4

    Sail: Decorate a piece of hobby card with colourful tape, stickers or waterproof paint. Hobby card can handle a few splashes of water and the occasional capsizing, and it is easy to replace as needed. Cut out a curved sail, like a spinnaker, and then cut a small, horizontal notch into the top.

  • 5

    Thread the sail onto the mast and glue it in place, about 3 cm down the mast. Bend in the lower part of the sail and press it towards the gunwale of the boat. Make a flag for the mast out of a piece of tape and attach it around the dowel. Cut a notch into the end of the flag to give it two points.

  • 6

    Christen your boat and set sail on the North Sea.

Ships ahoy! It's time to get crafty and creative with rubbish! Turn an old plastic bottle into a sailboat, ready to set sail for adventures on a lake, river or bathtub. If you want to take your boat-building to the next level, you can also cut out a piece of plastic to make a keel and glue it to the underside of the boat. Tip! Place a few stones in the bottom of the boat to prevent it from capsizing.

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