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Make a summer wreath out of felt


by Panduro

Make a summer wreath out of felt

Make a summer wreath out of felt

How to instructions

Make a summery wreath that lasts all night! By making a wreath out of felt, you don't have to worry that your flowers will wilt; they'll stay beautiful throughout the entire party. We wanted this wreath to have a calm, soft look, so we chose hobby felt in slightly more subdued colours. Make the frame in your size out of sturdy aluminium wire. To make the leaves, cut 20 strips to 50 x 4.5 cm. Split each strip into four equal pieces. Fold each strip in half (short side to short side) and cut according to the template. Tie each leaf around the frame and secure in place. Repeat with all the leaves. To make the flowers, first cut a piece of aluminium wire, then cut out an oblong piece of felt and cut notches into it. Wrap it around the point of the wire. Cut petals in different sizes and glue them around the centre of a felt ball or the notched felt. Make the flowers in different colours and sizes. Attach them around the wreath. Arrange the wool balls on the wreath wherever you like.

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