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Make a Valentine's Day card


by Panduro

Make a Valentine's Day card

Make a Valentine's Day card

How to instructions

  • 1

    Draw a heart along the edge of the folded card. The folded edge of the card should serve as the straight line of the heart.

  • 2

    Cut the heart out.

  • 3

    Glue small pieces of pipe cleaner to the sides of the heart as arms.

  • 4

    Attach the eyes and draw a cute mouth.

  • 5

    Write your greeting inside the card.

Be my Valentine! Make an adorable card and give away a heart on Valentine's Day! It's easy to make handmade heart cards with a folded card and a few sweet little details. And even if Valentine's Day is always celebrated on 14 February, a heart-shaped card is perfect to give whenever you want to show your love.

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