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by Panduro

Make a whimsical hobby horse

Make a whimsical hobby horse

How to instructions

  • 1

    Trace the shape of an eye on a piece of black felt. Fold the piece of felt in half so that you have two identical eyes; cut them out and glue in place. Draw a dot with a white Posca pen in each eye.

  • 2

    Cut out eyelashes from glittery paper and attach above the eyes.

  • 3

    Cut 90-cm-long pieces of white yarn for the mane. Sew a piece of yarn between the ears and down towards the back. Then tie the yarn threads together, individually, to the sewn-on yarn.

  • 4

    Cut 90-cm-long pieces of T-shirt yarn in different colours and tie them on between the white threads. Now sew the yarn knots in place.

  • 5

    Fold a piece of light blue tulle in half lengthwise. Sew a seam 2 cm from the folded edge, forming a channel along the long side. Thread a piece of yarn through the channel and arrange the tulle to make a skirt under the base of the hobby horse. Tie on and secure with glue.

  • 6

    Sew or glue a unicorn horn to the forehead.

Make your own utterly magical hobby horse and gallop off to an enchanted land of fairytales. We let our imaginations run wild to create a whimsical unicorn with a colourful mane. If you like, you can also braid the pony's mane and tie on little bows. Our adorable unicorn is dressed up for a party, with a festive party hat made of hobby card decorated with glitter glue.

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