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Make beaded fringe for a dress


by Panduro

Make beaded fringe for a dress

Make beaded fringe for a dress

How to instructions

  • 1

    Rip out the lower hem of a shirt or dress.

  • 2

    Cut fringe about 1 cm wide and 8 to 9 cm long.

  • 3

    String one or more beads in different colours onto each piece of fringe.

  • 4

    Securely tie knots at the ends of the fringe so that the beads stay in place.

Renew the kids’ clothes with colourful beads! Cut fringe along the bottom of a shirt, dress, or top and the kids can help string on beads. A fun activity for fun clothes! It also looks great to pair your beaded decorations with cool tie-dye patterns that you can make yourself with fabric paint.

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