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Make beautiful beaded flowers


by Panduro

Make beautiful beaded flowers

Make beautiful beaded flowers

How to instructions

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    Centre of flower: Cut an approx. 50-cm-long piece of metal wire. Fold the metal wire about 10 cm from one end and string on 6 green beads. Fold the wire in half and add 6 more beads. Twist the two metal wires together, about 0.5 cm. Leave an interval of about 1 cm and fold the wire again. Add 6 beads, fold, add 6 beads, and twist the wire together again. Continue adding beads and twisting the wire until you have 10 bead twists. Then twist them all together to make the centre of the flower.

  • 2

    Pistils: Cut about 5 pieces of 12-cm-long metal wire. String 3 black beads to the middle of a piece of wire. Fold the wire in half and twist the ends together. Repeat with the other 4 pieces of wire. Poke the pistils into the centre of the flower you made in step 1, and twist the metal wires together.

  • 3

    Petal: Cut an approx. 75 cm long piece of metal wire. Fold the wire about one third of the way in, forming a short end that will be the middle, and a long end, which you will wrap around the middle to form the petal. Twist the ends together until 12 cm remain of the short end. String about 14 beads onto the short end. Then string beads onto the long end, but use 1 to 3 beads more than you used on the short end, so that you have enough to go around the centre beads. Wrap the metal wire 1.5 times around the centre piece of wire. Then string on beads again, using the same amount that you used on the other side. Once you reach the middle, wrap the metal wire 1.5 times again. Continue this way, increasing by 1 to 3 beads per wrap, until the petal has reached the desired size (we made 4 full wraps). Twist the end around the centre wire until you are happy with the size. Then fold out the centre wire on the other side to secure it in place and cut off the end with wire cutters.

  • 4

    Repeat these steps to make 10 petals. Try making the lower petals a little bigger than the upper petals.

  • 5

    Twist the petals around the centre of the flower. First wrap on the upper petals, and then the lower petals. Securely twist the metal wires together to

Give away a flower that will never wilt! It's the perfect gift, and a fabulous craft if you enjoy getting creative with beads. Make the flower with lovely little Toho beads. Toho from Japan are tiny, perfectly cylindrical glass beads. For the petals, we mixed green beads and beads in various shades of pink. String on the green beads at the centre of the flower and alternate the pink beads out on the petals, with the darker pink beads at the petal tips. Then bend the petals a little, as a finishing touch.

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