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Make bracelets with heishi beads


by Panduro

Make bracelets with heishi beads

Make bracelets with heishi beads

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut a piece of elastic thread that fits around the wrist and can be knotted.

  • 2

    String on white, sand-coloured and light pink flat disc-shaped beads, combined with gold-coloured round and flower-shaped spacers. It may help to use a beading needle.

  • 3

    If you like, write a name or a fun message with transparent letter beads.

  • 4

    Double knot the thread when the bracelet is long enough. Then trim the ends.

Make summer’s prettiest jewellery with flat beads! Heishi beads are round, almost disc-shaped, and completely flat beads. When you string the beads, you only see the thin edge, resulting in a tube-like shape for your bracelet. They also look beautiful combined with other beads.

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