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Make charming paper flowers


by Panduro

Make charming paper flowers

Make charming paper flowers

How to instructions

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    Crinkle a piece of white crepe paper (7 x 7 cm) into a ball. Attach the ball to a piece of floral wire by folding the end of the wire down over the ball. Cut a 5 x 5 cm piece of yellow crepe paper, and white crepe paper. Fold the yellow piece of crepe paper around the ball on the floral wire first, followed by the white piece of crepe paper. Secure by twisting on a thin piece of floral wire, forming an even ball. Lightly brush the ball with green watercolour paint and let dry.

  • 2

    Cut a 5 x 15 cm piece of white crepe paper, and yellow crepe paper. Glue them together and let dry. Attach double-sided tape to one long side of the crepe papers youve glued together. Cut 3 mm fringe along the other long side, down to the tape. Roll each piece of fringe between your fingers, shaping thin, curled filaments. Attach the tape around the underside of the ball on the floral wire, so that the filaments stick up around the ball. The centre of the flower is now complete.

  • 3

    Cut 4 pieces of 5 x 15 cm wide strips of white crepe paper. Spray paint the strips of paper pink and yellow. Let dry, and then cut them apart lengthwise. Cut 8 flower petals out of the strips, one petal per strip. Roll up and then unroll each petal separately. Crinkle the petals a little and glue them, overlapping, around the underside of the centre of the flower. Cover the stem with floral tape.

Make a lasting bouquet of flowers that never wilt! Paper flowers keep over time, and can be used over and over, without ever having to worry that they will wilt. This lovely bouquet of delicate flowers is perfect for a wedding, party, or table setting.

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