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Make colourful Miyuki bracelets


by Panduro

Make colourful Miyuki bracelets

Make colourful Miyuki bracelets

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut a piece of elastic thread to the required length.

  • 2

    Miyuki Tila beads have two parallel holes. Guide the thread through one of the holes in the beads. Make a double knot.

  • 3

    Cut another piece of elastic thread and thread it through the other hole in the beads.

  • 4

    Tie a double knot again between the same beads and cut off the ends.

Create personal jewellery with pretty glass beads from Japanese label, Miyuki. With the Miyuki Tila bead series, you can create completely smooth bracelets to perfectly encircle your wrist. This is because Miyuki Tila beads are flat and have two parallel holes resulting in the smooth effect. Choose from an abundance of colours and give a bracelet or two as a gift.

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