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by Panduro

Make crackled Easter eggs

Make crackled Easter eggs

How to instructions

  • 1

    Prime the eggs with gold spray paint. Let dry.

  • 2

    Brush the eggs with crackle glaze  the thicker the layer, the bigger the cracks will be. Let the glaze dry for at least 2 hours. Drying time depends on the thickness of the coat of glaze.

  • 3

    Paint the eggs with Hobbylack in any colour. Use a broad, flat brush and apply long brush strokes up and down the eggs. The cracks will begin to appear almost as soon as you apply the Hobbylack. Do not paint the same place several times, because you will cover the cracks.

  • 4

    Let the eggs dry.

  • 5

    Fasten a hanger to the eggs and decorate your Easter bouquet.

You can use crackle glaze to make Easter eggs covered in lovely cracks. Place the eggs on a flower stick or wooden skewer so that you have a handle to hold while painting. Apply some adhesive putty around the stick, slightly below the egg, to secure the egg in place. If you want to hang your painted eggs in an Easter bouquet, fasten a small hanger to each one. To do so: Pinch together the antenna on the hanger and thread on the little disc. Continue squeezing the antenna together and carefully poke them into the hole on the egg. Make sure to hold the antenna together until they are all the way down.

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