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Make earrings using the peyote technique


by Panduro

Make earrings using the peyote technique

Make earrings using the peyote technique

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut a long length of beading thread.

  • 2

    Thread 62 beads onto the beading thread.

  • 3

    Weave 8 rows using the peyote stitch technique (download the instructions). The centre will end up at the base of the finished earrings, and the ends come together at the top.

  • 4

    Fold your beaded work lengthwise and sew the long sides together using the same technique to make a long tube.

  • 5

    Shape the tube so it almost forms a full circle. Sew the ends together using 4 threads, threading 10 beads onto each of them.

  • 6

    Attach jump rings in the middle at the top, where you sewed the ends together, using flat jewellery pliers. Finally, attach earring hooks to the jump rings.

Learn to weave with beads! Bead weaving involves sewing beads together in a pattern, as opposed to just threading them in one length. For these pretty earrings, we used peyote technique, where the rows of beads you weave end up offset against each other. Download the description to see the different stages.

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