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Make elegant place cards for a party


by Panduro

Make elegant place cards for a party

Make elegant place cards for a party

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut a 50 cm piece of gold-coloured aluminium wire and a 15 cm piece of gold-coloured metal wire.

  • 2

    Thread one large and four small glass beads onto the short, thin piece of metal wire.

  • 3

    Twist the metal wire with beads around the long, thicker piece of aluminium wire.

  • 4

    Wrap the beaded aluminium wire around a serviette to make a serviette ring.

  • 5

    Write the name of each guest on a heart-shaped label and attach to the end of the aluminium wire.

  • 6

    Last, bend the end of the aluminium wire into a little screw so that the label cant slide off.

Create beautiful place cards and serviette rings for all the guests at the wedding, confirmation, christening, birthday or any other party! These place cards are easy to make and will be a stylish detail for your party table setting. Use jewellery pliers to easily bend and twist the aluminium and metal wires. Tip: Tear regular cotton fabric into pieces to make cloth serviettes.

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