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Make felted eyes for your pony


by Panduro

Make felted eyes for your pony

Make felted eyes for your pony

How to instructions

  • 1

    Draw the shape of an eye on a piece of black felt and cut it out. Use the eye as a template to trace and cut out another, identical eye.

  • 2

    Cut out two slightly smaller eye shapes in grey felt. Glue them to the two cut-out black eyes.

  • 3

    Cut out two smaller circles in black felt. Glue them to the eyes to make lenses.

  • 4

    Glue both eyes to the hobby horse with a hot glue gun. Sew a few stitches around the edges of the eyes, to make sure theyre thoroughly attached.

  • 5

    Take a piece of wool that matches the horses coat and needle-felt it around the eyes to frame them nicely. Combine wool in a few different colours to create vivid results. To needle felt, poke the felting needle up and down through the wool, into the horses stuffing, which will felt the wool in place.

  • 6

    Draw a pupil with a white posca pen, or attach a decorative stone.

  • 7

    Attach lashes along the eyelids as a finishing touch.

The eyes are one of the most important features of your hobby horse. They offer a glimpse of your horse's personality and temperament. Using layered felt and wool details, you can give the eyes a lovely, striking appearance. Adjust the size, shape and colour of the eyes to suit your hobby horse. It may be helpful to test things out a bit before you glue them on. We recommend using a hot glue gun, but bear in mind that the glue gun tip gets very hot. If you like, you can also add an extra twinkle to your horse's eye with a beautiful decorative stone as a pupil.

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