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Make floating song booklets


by Panduro

Make floating song booklets

Make floating song booklets

How to instructions

  • 1

    Make tassels out of shimmering tissue paper: split a sheet of tissue paper into two pieces. Fold the paper in half. Mark the centre, which should be 8-10 cm wide (4-5 cm folded).

  • 2

    Cut fringe up to this mark. Unfold the paper and then roll it up into a tassel. Tie each tassel together with a piece of thread. Cover the thread by wrapping a piece of tissue paper around it.

  • 3

    Cut 1-metre-long pieces of ribbon. Roll up the song booklets and tie one end of the ribbon around each roll.

  • 4

    Spray paint wooden balls silver. Let dry. String the balls onto the ribbon; they should end up next to the song booklets.

  • 5

    Fill foil balloons with helium and attach a song booklet to each one.

  • 6

    Glue a few sequins to the ribbon and the silver ball.

  • 7

    Attach a shimmering tassel and shimmering ribbon under each balloon.

  • 8

    Cut a piece of iridescent cellophane into a square and fold it together, so that the centre forms a point. Glue it into the hole of the silver-painted wooden ball.

Impress your guests mightily with floating song booklets! This fun table decoration is perfect for a confirmation, wedding, or other party! Fill foil balloons with helium and tie on a ribbon. To the ribbon, attach a rolled up song booklet and decorate with wooden balls and shimmering details. It's best to use a hot glue gun to make this craft. Now all your guests can break out into song!