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by Panduro

Make marvellous macramé earrings

Make marvellous macramé earrings

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut 3 pieces of 30 cm long, natural-colour cotton string. The string is made of several thinner pieces of string that are twisted together. Separate the threads, comb them, and put them back together to produce a fluffier string. Repeat this step with each of the three pieces of string.

  • 2

    Fold the 3 strings in half and tie them to a creole ring using a lark-s head knot: fold the string in half. Pass the looped end through the ring, then thread the string ends through the loop and tighten, resulting in two centre threads. You should now have 6 pieces of string hanging from the ring.

  • 3

    Row 1: Set aside the two outer strings and use the four centre strings to tie a macramé knot, in other words, one left square knot and one right square knot. That is, you are tying the knot around the two centre strings.

  • 4

    Row 2: Tie a macramé knot with the three strings to the right. In other words, you are only tying the knot around one string this time. Then tie a macramé knot with the three strings to the left.

  • 5

    Row 3: Tie a macramé knot with the four centre strings again.

  • 6

    To finish, tie double diagonal half-hitches on both the right and left sides, so that the earring ends in a point.

  • 7

    Fluff the threads and trim the fringe to about 25 mm. Now make another identical earring!

You can use macramé to make beautiful pieces of jewellery! Getting started with macramé can be a little complicated at first, but once you've figured out the knots, it's so much fun that you won't want to quit. A pair of hand-tied macramé earrings is the perfect gift for a friend, but make an extra pair for yourself, too! Check out how to make your own macramé earrings in our video tutorial.

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