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Make new creations with tape!


by Panduro

Make new creations with tape!

Make new creations with tape!

How to instructions

Transform your flea market find into something fun that fits your home! Create effects by using masking tape when painting. Thorough groundwork gives the best results. 1. Scrape off loose paint, wash with paint surface cleaner and let dry. Paint surface cleaner also helps the paint adhere. 2. Spackle any unevenness or holes and let dry. 3. With sandpaper, sand the surface until smooth in the same direction as the wood grain; thoroughly brush off the dust. 4. Paint with furniture paint, use shellac and primer first if needed. Let dry for the amount of time indicated. Sand lightly with sandpaper and paint another layer. It is better to apply several thin layers of paint, rather than to apply too much at once.