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Make personal clothes hanging knobs using resin


by Panduro

Make personal clothes hanging knobs using resin

Make personal clothes hanging knobs using resin

How to instructions

  • 1

    Paint the rim of the wooden knob using craft gloss paint and leave to dry.

  • 2

    Print out a photo on plain printer paper. Trim the photo down to the size of the wooden knob.

  • 3

    Apply a coat of varnishing glue to the wooden knob. Make sure that the glue coats evenly without lumps and then affix the photo firmly on top. Any bubbles usually disappear as the glue dries. Leave to dry for a few hours at least.

  • 4

    Apply a second layer of varnishing glue to the image and leave to dry until next day.

  • 5

    Apply Glazing Resin to the photo knob for a high-gloss finish. Study the product instructions carefully first. Wear protective gloves and blend the resin thoroughly according to the instructions for at least 5 minutes (otherwise, it may not set).

  • 6

    Pour the resin into the middle of the image. Twist and turn the knob slightly to disperse the resin evenly. If the resin doesnt reach the edge, brush it outwards with a clean paintbrush. Leave the wooden knob on a level surface to dry until next day.

  • 7

    The knob is now ready to be mounted!

Hanging your jacket on a personalised photo knob is such a thrill! Give everyone in the family their own personal clothes hanging knob featuring their portrait. The resin makes the image more durable and gives it a high-gloss finish. Remember to protect your entire work surface with plastic sheeting before starting. Water droplets could dull the resin, so avoid mounting the hanger knobs in a damp interior like a bathroom.

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