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Make personalised beaded key rings


by Panduro

Make personalised beaded key rings

Make personalised beaded key rings

How to instructions

  • 1

    Print out a small photo to place in the key ring.

  • 2

    Cut a piece of elastic thread. Double the thread and tie it to the key ring with a lark’s head knot, so that you have two ends on which to string beads.

  • 3

    String on assorted kids’ beads. Use letter beads to write the name of the recipient, for example.

  • 4

    Double-knot both threads and trim the ends.

Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive a key ring from the person they love most? Your child can use the empty key rings to make their own adorable gifts. Simply print out a charming picture of the child and have them decorate it with pretty beads. Perfect when the kids want to make their own holiday gifts for mum, dad, or their grandparents.

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