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Make playful clay bowls


by Panduro

Make playful clay bowls

Make playful clay bowls

How to instructions

Make adorable little bowls in different designs out of air-drying clay. When working with clay, it doesn’t matter if your finished results are a little uneven – that’s part of the charm! Make the cat bowl and the regular bowl by following the instructions above. To make the dog bowl, knead a piece of clay into a lump. Then press out the sides and flatten the bottom to shape the clay into a bowl. Shape a nose and attach two little dog ears to the edges. If the clay begins to dry while you’re working, you can always add a little water. The bowls will be dry after about two days, and then you can paint them with acrylic paint. We painted our bowls with craft paint first and then we used vintage spray to add spray-painted effects. To create the dot pattern, press the nozzle carefully so that the paint comes out unevenly. Practice on a piece of paper before spraying your animal bowls. Last, paint all the details, such as the animals’ eyes, noses and cheeks.

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