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Make pretty shell dishes


by Panduro

Make pretty shell dishes

Make pretty shell dishes

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cover a real shell with plastic.

  • 2

    Roll out a piece of clay.

  • 3

    Apply the rolled-out clay to the top of the shell.

  • 4

    Press the clay in place and remove any excess that ends up beyond the edges.

  • 5

    Let the clay dry and then remove it from the shell.

  • 6

    Let the clay dry more, allowing the bottom to dry completely.

  • 7

    Paint the shell with Hobbylack. Let dry.

  • 8

    Brush the shell with Oceanlack for a glossier effect.

You can use air-drying clay to make lovely and unique interior design details. Try making beautiful clay shells. Start with a real shell, which you cover with clay on top. Once the clay is dry, paint it with pale pink and sand-coloured Hobbylack. You can also combine different shades of Hobbylack to make new ones. The shell is the perfect little dish for storing jewellery.

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