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Make tin can Easter characters


by Panduro

Make tin can Easter characters

Make tin can Easter characters

How to instructions

  • 1

    Clean two empty tin cans.

  • 2

    Paint one white and the other yellow. Let dry and add another coat of paint if needed.

  • 3

    Easter bunny: Draw and cut out bunny ears and feet from white craft rubber. Cut out smaller pieces of pink craft rubber for the inside of the ears, and 8 pads. Glue the pink ear pieces to the white ones. To the feet, glue on 3 little pads as toes, and a slightly bigger pad at the base to make the heel. Glue all pieces to the white can, as well as a pink pompom for the nose and wiggly eyes. Draw a mouth with a marker.

  • 4

    Easter chick: Draw a wing for the chick on yellow felt. Fold over the felt before you cut it, so that you end up with two identical wings. Cut out a beak and feet from orange felt. Glue all pieces, plus wiggly eyes, to the yellow can. Glue a bundle of feathers to the back of the can.

  • 5

    Plant flowers in the cans or fill them with tasty Easter treats.

Make Easter crafts with the kids and give new life to old tin cans! We have reused two cans to make an adorable Easter bunny and a downy little Easter chick - the perfect gift for a friend. We recommend painting with our Nordic Ecolabelled Ready Mix Tempera paints. Remember that the glue gun gets hot, so have an adult help glue on the pieces.

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