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Make your own BOHO style jeans


by Panduro

Make your own BOHO style jeans

Make your own BOHO style jeans

How to instructions

BOHO is a style inspired by 60s and 70s hippie culture. A lot of hippie fashion has Indian influences; shawls, caftans and self-designed T-shirts with batik patterns were popular. People wore flowy, roomy, richly embroidered and patterned clothing in every imaginable colour. Hippie style has now been modernised, and you might even say urbanised. BOHO is relaxed and colourful, with a heavy emphasis on embroidered patterns and beads. Embroidering in BOHO style is easy; trust us! Just decide which colours you want to use and get started. You don't have to follow any pattern; just sew back and forth, up and down and crosswise, and mix in beads. Hippies were incredibly environmentally conscious, and they often wore secondhand clothing. So you don't have to buy anything new; redesign your old garments and create your own BOHO style.

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