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Make your own paper feathers


by Panduro

Make your own paper feathers

Make your own paper feathers

How to instructions

  • 1

    Apply watercolours in different shades to a piece of watercolour paper. Try painting stripes to bring the feathers to life. Use plenty of paint and apply abundantly.

  • 2

    Let the paint dry.

  • 3

    Draw feather outlines in pencil on the painted paper.

  • 4

    Cut out the feathers. Cut thin fringe to resemble a feather using small scissors.

  • 5

    Paint any details on the paper feathers, such as a stripe down the middle or little drops of paint to make dot-covered feathers. You can also paint the backs of the feathers.

Instead of decorating the Easter bouquet with feathers, you can make your own beautiful paper feathers using watercolour paint! This way you can choose exactly which colours you want your Easter feathers to be. We've combined shades of red and yellow. Paint on watercolour paper, 180 g paper is sufficient to keep the feathers from being too thick. It doesn't matter if the feathers curve; they'll just look a little more natural. If you want to hang the feathers from the Easter bouquet, tie them on with a thin piece of thread. You can also use the paper feathers as place cards at Easter dinner, or simply as a nice table decoration.

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