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Make your own playful soaps


by Panduro

Make your own playful soaps

Make your own playful soaps

How to instructions

  • 1

    Split the soap base into smaller pieces and melt in a water bath on the stove.* Do not allow the soap base to boil. Do not stir the soap while melting it, because that will cause air bubbles to form.

  • 2

    Divide the melted soap into as many containers as the number of colours you will add.

  • 3

    Begin by adding a drop of soap pigment and stir. For more vibrant colour, add additional drops of pigment (maximum of 5 to 10% of the total weight).

  • 4

    If you want the soap to have a beautiful shimmer, mix in metallic pigment.

  • 5

    Pour the soap mixtures into the soap moulds. If the soap sets while you are working, you can reheat it. In that case, remove the foam from the surface with a hot spoon.

  • 6

    Let the soaps set completely and then carefully press them out of the moulds.

If you want to make it fun for the kids to wash their hands, we've got a great idea! Make your own colourful, sparkling animal soaps! Who can resist lathering their hands with a whimsical unicorn or adorable panda? These cute soaps also make wonderful gifts. And making your own soap is a fun and easy activity. If you like, you can also combine the different pigments to make new colours. For example, to make dark purple, blend a drop of purple and a drop of mint.

*You can also melt the soap base in the microwave, but just remember to check it frequently.

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